Departmental exams

Departmental Exams of the Department of Physics during the academic year 2016-2017

A detailed timetable of exam dates and registration deadlines is available here .


If you are planning to take an exam on a departmental examination date, please contact the lecturer of the course in question. When you have the lecturer's permission to take the exam, please register to the departmental exam in advance via WebOodi. If you are registrating to an exam of an advanced course, please use the general codes (530253 Advanced course in physics; 535029 Advanced course in geophysics; 53699 Advanced course in meteorology; 53772 Advanced course in theoretical physics; 53888 Advanced course in astronomy) and add the name of the course and the lecturer to additional informationIf WebOodi registration is not possible, please send the registration information (your name, student number, name of the course, name of the lecturer and the departmental exam's date) via e-mail

The right to take an exam at the departmental examination date

As a general rule (specific courses may have exceptions), if you do not pass a course, but receive at least 25% of the total course points, you have the right to attempt to pass the course later during departmental exams. If a student fails the exam for the same course twice, he/she has to contact the course lecturer to discuss about ways how to improve one's knowledge before an additional exam.


In case you need to cancel your registration, you can do it via email to the lecturer at least one day before the exam. If you do not cancel your registration and do not show up at the exam, it will be counted as a failed exam.

During the departmental exam

No literature except that explicitly permitted by the course lecturer is allowed at the departmental exams. When returning your answer sheet you need to show your id.

For more information, please contact the course lecturers or Kumpula Student Service.