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Alha, Lauri
Characterization of Non-Imaging Semiconductor X-ray Solar Monitors (J. Huovelin, L. Jetsu)
Report Series in Astronomy 3, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-10-5985-8, ISSN 1799-3024, ISBN 978-952-10-5986-5 (pdf)

Asmi, Eija
Experimental Studies on New Particle Formation and Ions (M. Kulmala)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 110, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-5822-17-5, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-18-2 (pdf)

Ehn, Mikael
Understanding the Chemistry of Atmospheric Aerosol Particle Formation via Observations of Physical Properties (M. Kulmala, T. Petäjä, D. Worsnop)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 115, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-5822-27-4, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-28-1 (pdf)

Ferrantelli, Andrea
Gravitino Phenomenology and Cosmological Implications of Supergravity (K. Enqvist)
HIP Internal Report Series HIP-2010-01, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-10-6056-4, ISSN 1455-0563, ISBN 978-952-10-6057-1 (pdf)

Heinola, Kalle
Multiscale Study on Hydrogen Mobility in Metallic Fusion Divertor Material (J. Keinonen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D172, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-10-5973-5, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-5974-2 (pdf)

Herrmann, Erik
Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations in Aerosol and Nucleation Studies (M. Kulmala, H. Vehkamäki)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 114, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-5822-25-0, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-26-7 (pdf)

Kivekäs, Niku
Aerosol Size Distribution and Its Connection to Cloud Droplet Number Concentration (M. Kulmala, V-M. Kerminen)
ISBN 978-952-5822-24-3 (pdf)

Lallo, Marko
Hydrogen Soil Deposition and Atmospheric Variations in the Boreal Zone (M. Kulmala)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 82, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-951-697-713-6, ISNN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-714-3 (pdf)

Mether, Lotta
Consequences of Supersymmetry in the Early Universe (K. Enqvist)
HIP Internal Report Series HIP-2010-02, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-10-6115-8, ISSN 1455-0563, ISBN 978-10-6116-5 (pdf)

Miettinen, Oskari
Molecular Line and Continuum Studies of the Early Stages of Star Formation (J. Harju, L. Haikala)
Report Series in Astronomy 1, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-10-5981-0, ISSN 1799-3024, ISBN 978-952-10-5982-7 (pdf)

Mäkelä, Jakke
Electromagnetic Signatures of Lightning Near the HF Frequency Band (H. Koskinen)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 80, Helsinki 2009, ISBN 978-951-697-703-7, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-704-4 (pdf)

Nordman, Maaria
Improving GPS Time Series for Geodynamic Studies (M. Poutanen)
Publications of the Finnish Geodetic Institute 143, Kirkkonummi 2010, ISBN 978-951-711-278-9, ISSN 0085-6932, ISBN 978-951-711-279-6 (pdf)

Reijonen, Vappu
On Gravitational Fields of Stars in f(R) Gravity Theories (K. Enqvist)
ISBN 978-952-10-5980-3 (pdf)

Sandroos, Arto
Shock Acceleration in the Solar Corona (R. Vainio)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 83, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-951-697-715-0, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-716-7 (pdf)

Sipilä, Mikko
Insights into Atmospheric Nucleation (M. Kulmala)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 111, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-5822-19-9, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-20-5 (pdf)

Thum, Tea
Modelling Boreal Forest CO2 Exchange and Seasonality (T. Vesala)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 81, Helsinki 2009, ISBN 978-951-697-707-5, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-708-2 (pdf)

Timonen, Marjut
Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of a Baron Neutron Capture Therapy 10B-carrier, L-p-boronopenylalanine-fructose Complex (S. Savolainen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D171, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-10-5648-2, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-5649-9 (pdf)

Tolvanen, Antti
Atomic Scale Engineering of Carbon Nanotubes (A. Krasheninnikov, K. Nordlund)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D174, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-10-5977-3, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-5978-0 (pdf)

Väyrynen, Samuli
Irradiation of Silicon Particle Detectors with MeV-protons (J. Räisänen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D173, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-10-5975-9, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-5967-6 (pdf)


Hendolin, Ilkka
Demonstraatioiden merkitys fysiikan yliopisto-opetuksessa (H. Saarikko - A. Savinainen)

Hippeläinen, Eero
Isotooppihoitojen annoslaskenta: Monte Carlo-simuloinnit tilavuusgeometriassa (S. Savolainen)

Parviainen, Hannu
Light Scattering by Random Rough and Porous Media (K. Muinonen)