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Dannenberg Alia
On the Fundamentals of Coherence Theory (K-A. Suominen)
HIP Internal Report Series HIP-2011-02, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-5327-6, ISSN 1455-0563, ISBN 978-952-10-5328-3 (pdf)

Elbra Tiiu
Physical Properties of Deep Drill Cores : Implications for Meteorite Impact Effects and Crustal Structures (L. Pesonen)
Report Series in Geophysics 66, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-6875-1, ISSN 0355-8630, ISBN 978-952-10-6876-8 (pdf)

Gagné Stéphanie
On the charging state of atmospheric aerosols and ion-induced nucleation (M. Kulmala, T. Petäjä)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 124, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-5822-45-8, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-46-5 (pdf)

Harjunmaa Ari
The Path to a Porous Semiconductor Multilayer (K. Nordlund)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D176, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-5989-6, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-5990-2 (pdf)

Hirsikko Anne
On Formation, Growth and Concentrations of Air Ions (M. Kulmala, L. Laakso)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 125, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-5822-47-2, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-48-9 (pdf)

Honkavaara Tuomas
Sneurino-Antisneutrino Oscillations at Colliders (K. Huitu)
HIP Internal Report Series HIP-2011-03, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-5329-0, ISSN 1455-0563, ISBN 978-952-10-5330-6 (pdf)

Hyvärinen Otto
Categorical Meteorological Products: Evaluation and Analysis (H. Savijärvi)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 90, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-951-697-751-8, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-752-5 (pdf)

Julin Jan
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Homogeneous Nucleation (H. Vehkamäki, I. Napari)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 121, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-5822-39-7, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-40-3 (pdf)

Järvinen Riku
On ion escape from Venus (E. Kallio)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 87, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-951-697-739-6, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-740-2 (pdf)

Keränen Ville
Holographic Superfluids and Solitons (E. Keski-Vakkuri)
HIP Internal Report Series HIP-2011-4, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-5331-3, ISSN 1455-0563, ISBN 978-952-10-5332-0 (pdf)

Koskelo Otso
Diffusion of Be, Co and Mn Impurities in Compound Semiconductors and Glassy Carbon Studied by the Modified Radiotracer Technique (J. Räisänen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D175, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-10-5987-2, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-5988-9 (pdf)

Kurki Samu
Structure of Relativistic States (P. Hoyer)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D187, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-7068-6, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-7069-3 (pdf)

Lakkala Kaisa
High Quality Polar UV Measurements: Scientific Analysis and Transfer of Irradiance Scale (E. Kyrö, H. Savijärvi)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 86, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-951-697-731-0, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-762-7 (pdf)

Launiainen Samuli
Canopy Processes, Fluxes and Microclimate in a Pine Forest (T. Vesala)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 177, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-5822-31-1, ISBN 978-952-5822-31-1, ISBN 978-952-5822-32-8 (pdf)

Lauros Johanna
Atmospheric Particle Formation in Spatially and Temporally Varying Conditions (M. Kulmala, M. Boy, D. Nilsson)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 118, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-5822-33-5, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-34-2 (pdf)

Lehtinen Ossi
Irradiation effects in graphene and related materials (J. Keinonen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D180, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-6877-5, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-6878-2 (pdf)

Lehtipalo Katrianne
How the development of condensation particle counters is reforming our view on atmospheric nucleation (M. Kulmala, T. Petäjä)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 123, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-5822-43-4, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-44-1 (pdf)

Långvik Miklos
Gauge Field Theories, Quantum Space-Time and Some Applications (A. Tureanu)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D179, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-6873-7, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-6874-4 (pdf)

Manninen Hanna
Direct detection of atmospheric particle formation using the Neutral cluster and Air Ion Spectrometer (M. Kulmala, T. Petäjä)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 122, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-5822-41-0, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-42-7 (pdf)

Mäenpää Teppo
Position-sensitive Silicon Strip Detector Characterization using Particle Beams

Mäkelä Antti
Thunderstorm Climatology and Lightning Location Applications in Northern Europe (H. Savijärvi)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 91, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-951-697-753-2, ISSN 0782-6617, ISBN 978-951-697-754-9 (pdf)

Mäntylä Terhi
Didactical reconstructions for organizing knowledge in physics teacher education (I. Koponen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D177, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-5991-9, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-6871-3 (pdf)

Penttilä Antti
Light Scattering in Random Media with Wavelength-Scale Structures : Astronomical and Industrial Applications (K. Lumme, K. Muinonen)
Report Series in Astronomy 5, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-7072-3, ISSN 1799-3024, ISBN 978-952-10-7073-0 (pdf)

Pirkkalainen Kari
Nanoscale Studies of Materials Using X-ray Synchrotron Radiation and Mesoscopic Modelling (R. Serimaa, I. Koponen)
Report Series in Physics, HU-P-D183, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-6883-6, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-6884-3 (pdf)

Pylkkänen Tuomas
Disordered Matter Studied by X-Ray Raman Scattering (K. Hämäläinen, S. Huotari, G. Monaco)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D184, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-6885-0, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-6886-7 (pdf)

Rissanen Antti
Enhancing Physics Education in the National Defence University: A Design Based Research Approach in the Production of Learning Material (H. Saarikko)

Sakko Arto
New Computational Approaches for Inelastic X-Ray Scattering (K. Hämäläinen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D182, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-6881-2, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-6882-9 (pdf)

Salminen Tapio
Noncommutative Quantum Field Theory: Problem of Time and Some Applications (A. Tureanu)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D185, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-6887-4, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-6888-1(pdf)

Saltikoff Elena
On the use of weather radar for mesoscale applications in northern conditions (H. Savijärvi)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 88, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-951-697-741-9, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-742-6 (pdf)

Taanila Olli
Primordial Perturbations from a Self-interacting Curavaton (K. Enqvist)
HIP Internal Report Series HIP-2010-04, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-10-5324-5, ISSN 1455-0563, ISBN 978-952-10-5323-8 (pdf)

Taipale Risto
Disjunct Eddy Covariance Measurements of Volatile Organic Compound Fluxes Using Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry (J. Rinne)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 119, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-5822-35-9, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-36-6 (pdf)

Timonen Hilkka
Chemical Characterization of Urban Background Aerosol Using Online And Filter Methods (R. Hillamo, M. Kulmala, H. Hakola)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 89, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-951-697-745-7, ISSN 0782-1667, ISBN 978-951-697-746-4 (pdf)

Tyynelä Jani
Polarization Studies in Electromagnetic Scattering by Small Solar-System Particles (K. Muinonen)
ISBN 978-952-10-7070-9, ISSN 1799-3024, ISBN 978-952-10-7071-6 (pdf)

Wallin Anders
Optical Tweezers for Single Molecule Biology (E. Haeggström)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D181, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-6879-9, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-6880-5 (pdf)

Wang Caixin
Antarctic Ice Shelf Melting and Its Impact on the Global Sea Ice-Ocean System (M. Leppäranta, A. Beckmann)
Report Series in Geophysics 67, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-6889-8, ISSN 0355-8630, ISBN 978-952-10-6890-4 (pdf)

Vuollekoski Henri
Numerical Approaches to New Particle Formation and Growth in the Atmosphere (M. Kulmala, V-M. Kerminen, M. Boy)
Report Series in Aerosol Physics 116, Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-5822-29-8, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-30-4 (pdf)

Väänänen Mikko
Studies of Solar and Stellar Flares Using Multi-Instrument Data (J. Huovelin)
Helsinki 2010, ISBN 978-952-10-5983-4, ISSN 1799-3024, ISBN 978-952-10-5984-1(pdf)

Vörtler Katharina
Computer Simulation of Multi-Elemental Fusion Reactor Materials (K. Nordlund)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D186, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-7064-8, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-7065-5 (pdf)


Kaasalainen Touko
Sydämen magneettikuvaus - 1.5 T vs. 3.0 T (S. Savolainen)

Mannila Vilma
Fantomimittaukset B-moodi-ultraäänikuvantamisen laadunvalvonnassa (S. Savolainen, O. Sipilä)

Ojala Heikki
Feedback Controlled Optical Tweezers for Measuring Lambda Exonuclease Motor Activity (E. Haeggström)

Ridderstad Marianna
Studying Lynds 1780: Infrared Observations and Numerical Modelling (M. Juvela)

Tiitola Paavo
Implications of Different Supersymmetry Breaking Patterns for the Spectrum and Decay of Neutralinos and Charginos (K. Huitu)

Vitikainen Anne-Mari
Navigoidun transkraniaalisen magneettistimulaatiokartoituksen ja aivokuoren sähköstimulaatiotutkimuksen vastaavuus (S. Komssi, J. Mäkelä)