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Alanen Janne
Holographic Models for Large-N Gauge Theories (E. Keski-Vakkuri, K. Kajantie)
HIP Internal Report Series HIP-2012-03, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-5339-9, ISSN 1455-0563, ISBN 978-952-10-5340-5 (pdf)

Antola Matti
Scalar Mediated Fermion Masses for Technicolor (K. Tuominen)
HIP Internal Report Series HIP-2012-04, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-5337-5, ISSN 1455-0563, ISBN 978-952-10-5338-2 (pdf)

Bucko Michal
Application of Magnetic, Geochemical and Micro-Morphological Methods in Environmental Studies of Urban Pollution Generated by Road Traffic (T. Magiera, L. Pesonen)
Report Series in Geophysics no. 69, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-7082-2, ISSN 0355-8630, ISBN 978-952-10-7083-9 (pdf)

Costelle Leila
Tuning the Interfacial Properties of Supported Metal Nanoclusters (J. Räisänen, V. Tuboltsev)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D189, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-7076-1, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-7077-8 (pdf)

Grönholm Tiia
Deposition of Fine Particles over a Boreal Forest (T. Vesala, M. Kulmala)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 135, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-5822-62-5, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-63-2 (pdf)

Haapanala Sami
Emission Measurements of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds in Multiple Scales (J. Rinne)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 133, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-5822-59-5, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-60-1 (pdf)

Hietala Heli
Multi-Spacecraft Studies on Space Plasma Shocks (H. Koskinen, R. Vainio)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 92, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-951-697-769-3, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-770-9 (pdf)

Holmström Eero
Radiation Effects in Bulk and Nanostructured Silicon (K. Nordlund, A. Kuronen, A. Krasheninnikov, M. Hakala)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D191, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-7080-8, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-7081-5 (pdf)

Kalliokoski Matti
GEM-TPC Detectors for Super-FRS at FAIR (R. Orava)
HIP Internal Report Series HIP-2012-01, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-7957-3, ISBN 978-952-10-7958-0 (pdf)

Koivunoro Hanna
Dosimetry and dose planning in boron neutron capture therapy : Monte Carlo studies (S. Savolainen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D195, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-8072-2, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8073-9 (pdf)

Laherto Antti
Nanoscience education for scientific literacy : Opportunities and challenges in secondary school and in out-of-school settings (H. Saarikko, J. Lavonen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D194, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-7090-7, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-7091-4 (pdf)

Leppä Johannes
Dynamics of Neutral and Charged Aerosol Particles (V-M. Kerminen, M. Kulmala, L. Laakso, K. Lehtinen)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 137, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-5822-66-3, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-67-0 (pdf)

Makkonen Risto
From Nanoclusters to Climate Forcers: Global Modeling of Aerosol Climate Effects (M. Kulmala, V-M. Kerminen)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 131, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-5822-55-7, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-56-4 (pdf)

Mattsson Maria
On the Effects of Cosmic Structures in the Late Universe (K. Enqvist)
HIP Internal Report Series HIP-2012-02, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-5333-7, ISSN 1455-0563, ISBN 978-952-10-5334-4 (pdf)

Nousiainen Maija
Physics Concept Maps : Analysis on Coherent Knowledge Structures in Physics Teacher Education (I. Koponen, H. Saarikko)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D198, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-8078-4, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8079-1 (pdf)

Oszkiewicz Dagmara
Asteroid astrometric and photometric studies using Markov-chain Monte Carlo methods (K. Muinonen)
Report Series in Astronomy No. 6, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-7092-1, ISSN 1799-3024, ISBN 978-952-10-7093-8 (pdf)

Paasonen Pauli
Analyses on the Formation of Atmospheric Particles and Stabilized Sulphuric Acid Clusters (M. Kulmala, V-M. Kerminen, T. Petäjä)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 132, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-5822-57-1, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-58-8 (pdf)

Pomoell Jens
Magnetohydrodynamic modeling of large-amplitude waves in the solar corona (R. Vainio, R. Kissmann, H. Koskinen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D196, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-8074-6, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8075-3 (pdf)

Puttonen Eetu
Tree Species Classification with Multiple Source Remote Sensing Data (J. Hyyppä, S. Kaasalainen, J. Peltoniemi)
Publications of the Finnish Geodetic Institute No. 145, Kirkkonummi 2012, ISBN 978-951-711-288-8, ISSN 0085-6932, ISBN 978-951-711-289-5 (pdf)

Rantaharju Jarno
Mapping Conformal Field Theories on the Lattice (K. Rummukainen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D193, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-7088-4, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-7089-1 (pdf)

Salmi Ari
What should the grindstone surface look like to produce pulp with least energy? (E. Haeggström, L. Salminen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D192, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-7086-0, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-7087-7 (pdf)

Suomalainen Juha
Empirical Studies on Multiangular, Hyperspectral, and Polarimetric Reflectance of Natural Surfaces (J. Peltoniemi, S. Kaasalainen)
Publications of the Finnish Geodetic Institute No. 146, Kirkkonummi 2012, ISBN 978-951-711-290-1, ISSN 0085-6932, ISBN 978-951-711-291-8 (pdf)

Suur-Uski Ville
Two applications of the gauge/gravity duality (E. Keski-Vakkuri)
HIP Internal Report Series HIP-2012-05, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-5335-1, ISSN 1455-0563, ISBN 978-952-10-5336-8 (pdf)

Svedström Kirsi
Hierarchical structure and dynamics of plant cell wall studied using x-rays (R. Serimaa)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D190, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-7078-5, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-7079-2 (pdf)

Timkó Helga
Modelling Vacuum Arcs : From Plasma Initiation to Surface Interactions (K. Nordllund)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D188, Helsinki 2011, ISBN 978-952-10-7074-7, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-7075-4 (pdf)

Viskari Toni
Estimating Particle Number Size Distributions from Multi-Instrument Observations with Kalman Filtering (M. Kulmala, H. Järvinen)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 136, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-5822-64-9, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-65-6 (pdf)


Lehto Tuomas
Röntgensatelliitti Suzakun kalibrointi ja galaksijoukko A3112:n analyysi (J. Nevalainen)

Tietäväinen Aino
A Posturographic Test to Detect the Impairment in Postural Steadiness After Sedation and Anesthesia (E. Haeggström)