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Anekallu Chandrasekhar
Energy Conversion Across the Earth's Magnetopause: Observations (M. Palmroth)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 100, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-951-697-797-6, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-798-3 (pdf)

Asmi Ari
Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on Atmospheric Aerosol Variability (M. Kulmala, V-M. Kerminen)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 139, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-5822-70-0, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-71-7 (pdf)

Backman Marie
Effects of Nuclear and Electronic Stopping Power on Ion Irradiation of Silicon-Based Compounds (K. Nordlund, F. Djurabekova)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D200, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-8086-9, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8087-6 (pdf)

Brücken Erik
Observation of Central Exclusive Diphoton Production at the Tevatron (R. Orava)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D203, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8092-0, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8093-7 (pdf)

Devoto Francesco
Search for the Higgs Boson in the All-Hadronic Final State Using the CDF II Detector (R. Orava)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D211, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8942-8, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8943-5 (pdf)

Heinonen Suvi
Seismic Reflection Profiling for Massive Sulfide Exploration in Finland (P. Heikkinen, D. Snyder, I. Kukkonen)
Institute of Seismology Report S-59, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-5073-2, ISSN 0357-3060, ISBN 978-952-10-5074-9 (pdf)

Henriksson Svante
Modeling Key Processes Causing Climate Change and Variability (A. Laaksonen, V.-M. Kerminen, M. Kulmala)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 95, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-951-697-783-9, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-784-6 (pdf)

Honkonen Ilja
Development, Validation and Application of Numerical Space Environment Models (M. Palmroth, P. Janhunen)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 98, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-951-697-793-8, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-794-5 (pdf)

Järvinen Onni
Annual Cycle of the Active Surface Layer in Western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica (M. Leppäranta)
Report Series in Geophysics No 74, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8932-9, ISSN 0355-8630, ISBN 978-952-10-8933-6 (pdf)

Koivisto Joonas
Source Specific Risk Assessment of Indoor Aerosol Particles (K. Hämeri)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 140, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-5822-72-4, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-73-1 (pdf)

Kortelainen Matti
Search for a Light Charged Higgs Boson in the CMS Experiment in pp Collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV (J. Tuominiemi, P. Eerola)
HIP Internal Report Series HIP-2012-06, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-5341-2, ISSN 1455-0563, ISBN 978-952-10-8109-5 (pdf)

Lehtola Susi
Computational Modeling of the Electron Momentum Density (M. Hakala, K. Hämäläinen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D202, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8090-6, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8091-3 (pdf)

Lunttila Tuomas
Radiative Transfer Modelling of Interstellar Clouds (M. Juvela)
Report Series in Astronomy No. 7, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-8080-7, ISSN 1799-3024, ISBN 978-952-10-8081-4 (pdf)

Mizohata Kenichiro
Progress in Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis (J. Keinonen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D201, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-8088-3, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8089-0 (pdf)

Mykkänen Anne-Mari
Applications of Lattice Field Theory to Large N and Technicolor (K. Rummukainen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D199, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-8082-1, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8083-8 (pdf)

Nordbo Annika
Extending the Applicability of the Eddy-Covariance Flux-Measurement Technique (T. Vesala, L. Järvi, I. Mammarella)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 138, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-5822-68-7, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-69-4 (pdf)

Oksanen Markku
Hamiltonian Analysis of Modified Gravitational Theories: Towards a Renormalizable Theory of Gravity (A. Tureanu)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D206, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8101-9, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8931-2 (pdf)

Partanen Ari
Magnetic Resonance-Guided High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Mediated Mild Hyperthermia and Drug Delivery (S. Savolainen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D204, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8094-4, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8094-4 (pdf)

Partanen Tero
Role of the Delta(1232) in Parity Nonconserving Nucleon-Nucleon Interactions (J. Niskanen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D210, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8940-4, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8941-1 (pdf)

Pohjonen Aarne
Dislocation Mechanisms Leading to Protrusion Growth Under Electric Field Induced Stress on Metal Surfaces (F. Djurabekova, K. Nordlund)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D205, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8099-9, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8100-2 (pdf)

Penttilä Paavo
Structural characterization of cellulosic materials using x-ray and neutron scattering (R. Serimaa)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D207, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8934-3, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8935-0 (pdf)

Raiskila Selen
Integrated Geophysical Study of the Keurusselkä Impact Structure, Finland (L. Pesonen)
Report Series in Geophysics No 70, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-7084-6, ISSN 0355-8630, ISBN 978-952-10-7085-3 (pdf)

Riekki Kirsi
Reaction Kinetic Modelling of Size Selected Growth of Nanodots (I. Koponen)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D197, Helsinki 2012, ISBN 978-952-10-8076-0, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8077-7 (pdf)

Rüppell Timo
Aspects of Symmetry Breaking in Supersymmetric Models (K. Huitu)
HIP Internal Report Series HIP-2013-01, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8110-1, ISSN 1455-0563, ISBN 978-952-10-8111-8 (pdf)

Uusikivi Jari
On Optical and Physical Properties of Sea Ice in the Baltic Sea (M. Leppäranta, A. Vähätalo)
Report Series in Geophysics No 73, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8097-5, ISSN 0355-8630, ISBN 978-952-10-8098-2 (pdf)

Vakkari Ville
On the Sources of Submicron Aerosol Particles in Savannah: Implications for Climate and Air Quality (M. Kulmala, L. Laakso, T. Petäjä)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 143, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-5822-76-2, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-77-9 (pdf)

Valkonen Teresa
Surface Influence on the Marine and Coastal Antarctic Atmosphere (T. Vihma, H. Savijärvi)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 96, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-951-697-785-3, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-786-0 (pdf)

Yli-Juuti Taina
On the Growth of Atmospheric Nanoparticles by Organic Vapors (I. Riipinen, M. Kulmala)
Report Series in Physics HU-P.D208, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8936-7, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8937-4 (pdf)


Pitkonen Miia
Aivojen dopamiinitransportterin kvantitointi prekliinisellä SPECT-kameralla (S. Savolainen)

Seppänen Henri
Optical Nondestructive Evaluation of Electric Bond Quality (E. Haeggström)