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Carbone Samara
Chemical characterization and source apportionment of submicron aerosol particles with aerosol mass spectrometers (R. Hillamo, M. Kulmala, R.D. Worsnop)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 105, Helsinki 2014, ISBN 978-951-697-817-1, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-818-8 (pdf)

D'Onofrio Michela
Topics of Particle Physics in the Very Early Universe

Flender Samuel
Formation of Large-Scale Structure and its Imprint on the Cosmic Microwave Background (K. Enqvist)
HIP Internal Report Series HIP-2014-01, Helsinki 2014, ISBN 978-952-10-8112-5, ISSN 1455-0563, ISBN 978-952-10-8113-2 (pdf)

Frey Anna
Study on soot and other refractory components from various combustion processes (R. Hillamo, M. Kulmala, A. Virkkula)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 107, Helsinki 2014, ISBN 978-951-697-825-6, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-826-3 (pdf)

Heikkilä Anu
Methods for Assessing the Degrading Effects of UV Radiation on Materials

Isavnin Alexey
Flux Ropes in Space Plasmas

Jansson Ville
Radiation-induced nanostructure evolution models for Fe alloys (L. Malerba, D. Terentyev, K. Nordlund)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D213, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8948-0, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8949-7 (pdf)

Johansson Milla
Sea Level Changes on the Finnish Coast and Their Relationship to Atmospheric Factors

Junninen Heikki
Data cycle in atmospheric physics : From detected millivolts to understanding the atmosphere (M. Kulmala, T. Petäjä, B. Larsen, D. Worsnop)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 145, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-5822-80-9, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-81-6 (pdf)

Juurinen Iina
Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Perspective on Aqueous Solutions

Kyrö Ella-Maria
Aerosol Processes in Polar Regions - from the Formation to Climatic Implications

Lasa Esquisabel Ane
Atomistic Simulations of Divertor-Plasma Interactions in Fusion Reactors (K. Nordlund)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D215, Tampere 2014, ISBN 978-952-10-8956-5, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-951-697-824-9 (pdf)

Lindqvist Hannakaisa
Atmospheric ice and dust : From morphological modeling to light scattering (T. Nousiainen, K. Muinonen)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 102, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-951-697-811-9, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-812-6 (pdf)

Loukonen Ville
Sulfuric acid and amines in atmospheric clustering : first-principles investigations (H. Vehkamäki, T. Kurtén)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 150, Helsinki 2014, ISBN 978-952-5822-92-2, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-93-9 (pdf)

Majidi Sharareh
Knowledge Organization and its Representation in Teaching Physics: Magnetostatics in University and Upper Secondary School Levels (I. Koponen, H. Saarikko)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D209, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8938-1, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8939-8 (pdf)

Malinen Johanna
Interstellar medium and initial stages of star formation: comparing simulations and observations (M. Juvela)
Report Series in Astronomy 9, Helsinki 2014, ISBN 978-952-10-8954-1, ISSN 1799-3024, ISBN 978-952-10-8939-8 (pdf)

Markkanen Tommi
Applications of Curved Space Field Theory to Simple Scalar Field Models of Inflation (K. Rummukainen, A.Tranberg)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D216, Helsinki 2014, ISBN 978-952-10-8960-2, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8961-9 (pdf)

Meriniemi Tuukka
Scalar Condensates in the Early Universe and Consequences of Their Non-Perturbative Decay

Merkouriadi Ioanna
The Influence of Seasonal Sea Ice on the Physics of the Coastal Waters - Gulf of Finland

Molgaard Bjarke
Outdoor urban aerosols and their transport and fate indoors (K. Hämeri, T. Hussein)
Report Series in Aerosol Science146, Helsinki 2014, ISBN 978-952-5822-82-3, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-83-0 (pdf)

Nieminen Tuomo
Long-term trends and large-scale spatial variability of new particle formation in continental boundary layer (M. Kulmala, V-M.Kerminen)
Report Series in Aerosol Science 151, Helsinki 2014, ISBN 978-952-5822-94-6, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-95-3 (pdf)

Ollinaho Pirkka
Parametric uncertainty in numerical weather prediction models (H. Järvinen, M. Laine)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 106, Helsinki 2014, ISBN 978-951-697-823-2, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-824-9 (pdf)

Parviainen Stefan
Atomistic simulations of metal surfaces under high electric fields (F. Djurabekova)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D214, Helsinki 2014, ISBN 978-952-10-8952-7, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8953-4 (pdf)

Polvi Jussi
Low-energy radiation effects in polyethylene and cellulose (K. Nordlund, T. Järvi)
Report Series in Physics HU-P-D212, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8946-6, ISSN 0356-0961, ISBN 978-952-10-8947-3 (pdf)

Savelainen Matti
Characterization of Primordial Perturbations by Observations

Schobesberger Siegfried
Experimental studies on nucleation and atmospheric aerosol particle formation down to the molecular level (M. Kulmala, T. Petäjä, D. Worsnop)
Report Series in Aerosol Science147, Helsinki 2014, ISBN 978-952-5822-84-7, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-85-4 (pdf)

Sihto-Nissilä Sanna-Liisa
Studies on the connections between atmospheric sulphuric acid, new particle formation and cloud condensation nuclei (M. Boy, K. Lehtinen)
Report Series in Aerosol Science144, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-5822-78-6, ISSN 0784-3496, ISBN 978-952-5822-79-3 (pdf)

Siljamo Pilvi
Numerical modelling of birch pollen emissions and dispersion on regional and continental scales (M. Sofiev, J. Kukkonen)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 99, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-951-697-795-2, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-796-9 (pdf)

Sipilä Olli
Studies of the chemistry and physics of starless and prestellar cores (J. Harju, M. Juvela)
Report Series in Astronomy No. 8, Helsinki 2013, ISBN 978-952-10-8944-2, ISSN 1799-3024, ISBN 978-952-10-8945-9 (pdf)

Strengell Satu
Characterization of Synchrotron Radiation Based Functional Lung Imaging

Toivola Martta
Structural Simulation of Molecular Clusters and Vapor-Liquid Interface

Tuomi Laura
On modelling surface waves and vertical mixing in the Baltic Sea (K. Kahma, H. Pettersson)
Finnish Meteorological Institute Contributions 103, Helsinki 2014, ISBN 978-951-697-809-6, ISSN 0782-6117, ISBN 978-951-697-810-2 (pdf)

Wali Ullah Mohammad
Atomistic Simulations of Damage Production by Single and Molecular Ion Irradiation in GaN

Veikkolainen Toni
Database-Wide Studies on the Validity of the Geocentric Axial Dipole Hypothesis in the Precambrian

Ylhäisi Jussi
Limitations of Climate Model Simulations to Support Climate Change Adaptation


Talvitie Marianne
Fully correlated primordial perturbations from the analysis of CMB measurements (H. Kurki-Suonio)

Turunen Sampsa> Samanaikaisen EEG-fMRI:n EEG-artefaktakorjaukset potilastutkimuksissa (S. Savolainen, O. Sipilä, J. Perkiö)