Fysiikan laitoksessa tehdyt väitöskirjat ja lisensiaatintutkielmat v. 2015

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Avchaciov Konstantin
Atomistic studies of structural changes in metallic glasses and thin films under far-from-equilibrium conditions

Backman John
Optical properties of atmospheric aerosols using filter-based absorption photometers

Franti Lasse
Aspects of Holographic Thermalization

Hilden Timo
Quality Assurance of Gas Electron Multiplier Detector

Häme Silja
Nanoparticle volatility and growth: Implications for interactions between biogenic and anthropogenic aerosol components

Ilinov Andrey
Molecular dynamics simulation of elastic and sputtering properties of nanowires

Jokinen Tuija
Formation of low-volatility aerosol precursor molecules and clusters in the atmosphere

Kaasalainen Touko
Optimizing computer tomography examinations by using anthropomorphic phantoms and MOSFET dosimeters

Kajos Maija
Emissions, concentrations and effects of BVOCs in the boreal atmosphere

Kangasluoma Juha
Generation, characterization and sizing of sub-3 nm nanoparticles and molecular clusters

Keceli Asli
Phenomenological Implications of Theories Beyond the Standard Model

Koivisto Juha
The use of mosfet dosimeters and anthropomorphic phantoms in low dose dental cbct applications

Korpelainen Virpi
Traceability for nanometre scale measurements : Atomic force microscopes in dimensional nanometrology

Lavinto Mikko
Light Propagation and Observations in Inhomogeneous Cosmological Models

Leino Aleksi
Atomistic Simulations of Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation Effects in Silica

Leinonen Lasse
Implications of Dark Matter In Supersymmetric Models

Liao Li
Contribution of biogenic volatile organic compounds to the formation and growth of particles in the atmosphere : From molecule cluster to cloud condensation nuclei

Lindborg Marjaana
Spot activity of late-type stars: a study of II Pegasi and DI Piscium

Mogensen Ditte
Insights into atmospheric oxidation

Mäkelä Hanna
Estimates of past and future forest fire danger in Finland from a climatological viewpoint

Mäkelä Minja
Infrared and mm-wave studies of interstellar globules

Neitola Kimmo
Experimental studies on nucleation and new particle formation

Olenius Tinja
Cluster population simulations as a tool to probe particle formation mechanisms

Paramonov Mikhail
Life cycle of a cloud condensation nucleus, CCN

Patokoski Johanna
Influence of source types and source areas on the concentrations of volatile organic compounds in Southern Finland

Ridderstad Marianna
Monuments of Stone and of the Sky. Archaeoastronomical investigations into ancient Finland

Rusak Stanislav
Aspects of spectator fields in post-inflationary resonant particle production

Ruusuvuori Kai
Modelling the Role of Charge in Atmospheric Particle Formation Using Quantum Chemical Methods

Sand Andrea
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Primary Radiation Damage from Collision Cascades

Seppänen Henri
Ultrasonically Manufactured Space Tether

Snellman Jan
Relaxation-type second-order closure models in astrophysical hydrodynamics

Sundström Anu-Maija
Remote Sensing of Aerosols: Applications for Air Quality and Climate Studies

Suuronen Jussi-Petteri
Structural studies from nanoscale to macroscale with x-ray microtomography and microbeam scattering

Tala Suvi
Physics as technoscience - From research labs to educational labs

Tonttila Juha
From turbulence to cloud formation - modelling the aerosol-cloud interactions

Zhou Luxi
Modelling aerosol formation and precursor gases in the boundary layer

Åhlgren Harriet
Structural modification of graphene by ion irradiation studied with molecular dynamics simulations


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