Dynamic meteorology

This group uses numerical atmospheric models together with observations to study small-scale weather phenomena, and develops better physical parameterization methods for models. The research is carried out in three consortia:

  • Coastal wind systems (sea and land breezes, coastal convergence, heat island circulations, channelling, snow storms, fronts on coasts etc.).
  • Antarctica and Arctica (katabatic winds, coastal weather and its sensitivity, the very stable boundary layer, interaction with snow and sea ice, polynya effects etc.).
  • The Martian atmosphere and its modelling (mesoscale and boundary layer, radiative transfer, dust and icecloud/fog physics, slope winds).

Senior members: Prof. Hannu Savijärvi, Doc. Timo Vihma (FMI, Antarctic research), Dr. Ari-Matti Harri (FMI, Mars research).