Dynamic meteorology

Dynamical Meteorology

The Dynamical Meteorology group studies a wide range of topics all of which are related to better understanding the Earth's weather and climate. Currently our research focuses on 3 key aims:

  • 1. Understanding the formation of tropical deep convection and its roles in extended range predictability of mid-latitude weather and global climate change
  • 2. Interactions of the atmospheric aerosols and microphysical processes with the large-scale flow in the present and future climates
  • 3. Dynamics of mid-latitude weather systems and hydrological cycle in a changing climate

  • In our research we utilize observations, reanalysis data sets, and numerical models of the atmosphere and climate system. Please see our group webpage for more information about our research.

    Contact Information.

    Please contact either Professor Heikki Järvinen or Dr Victoria Sinclair for more information about our group. You can find our contact information here (Scroll down for the Division of Atmospheric Sciences)