Solid Earth geophysical teaching laboratory

Teaching lab
Magnetic experiments with Helmholtz coils
Petrophysical and paleomagnetic experiments with Risto 5 apparatus

Classic Cavendish experiments to determine the gravitational constant (G) with torsion balances.

Solid Earth geophysics teaching laboratory at the Department of Physics, University of Helsinki is located at the Kumpula Campus in Helsinki, Finland. During the laboratory courses students carry out geophysical experiments including:

  • Acceleration of gravity measurement using mathematical pendulum and free fall
  • Measurement of Newton's gravitational constant using Cavendish torsion balance
  • Thermal conductivity measurements of solid materials
  • Thermal capacity measurements of solid materials
  • Measurement of gamma radiation activity of rocks
  • Electromagnetic exercise using metal detector
  • Measurement of Hooke's law
  • Magnetic domain simulations
  • Seismic wave detection
  • Gravity field measurements
  • Rock and paleomagnetic experiments

Contact:Tomas Kohout (tomas.kohout (at)
Telephone: +358 9 191 51008
Room: D 333