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6c. Research of deep drillcores: Chesapeake (USA)

Participating scientists

  • T. Elbra, post doc
  • D. Maharaj, M.Sc.
  • L.J. Pesonen, prof. (emeritus)


Map of ICDP drilling sites
Borehole data from Chesapeake
Borehole data from Chesapeake

Recent publications

  • Elbra, T., Kontny, A., Pesonen, L.J., 2009. Rock-magnetic properties of the ICDP-USGS Eyreville core, Chesapeake Bay impact structure, Virginia, USA. Geological Society of America Special Papers, 458, 119-135.
  • Edwards, L.E., Powars, D.S., Wade, B.S., Self-Trail, J.M.,. Kulpecz, A.A., Browning, J.V., Miller, K.G., McLaughlin, P.P., Elbra, T., 2009. Geologic columns for the ICDP-USGS Eyreville A and C coreholes, Chesapeake Bay impact structure: Post-impact sediments, 0 to 444 m depth, in Gohn, G.S., Koeberl, C., Miller, K.G., and Reimold, W.U., eds., Deep drilling in the Chesapeake Bay impact structure: Geological Society of America Special Papers 2009, 458, 91-114.