Tehostekuvassa fysiikan laitosta etuoven suunnalta

2a. Petrophysical data of impactites

Participating scientists

  • L.J. Pesonen, prof. (emeritus)
  • A. Kallonen (Geological Survey of Finland)

Project goals

We are compiling a global database of petrophysical properties of impact structures on crystalline target rocks. They will give a deeper insight into shock attenuation and other processes (e.g. hydrothermal fluid circulation) pertinent to impact cratering. In addition, porosity of impactites bears major economic significance, since fractured rocks in impact structures can act as traps for hydrocarbons or groundwater. Also the fundamental questions on the origin of life and life on other planets relate to porosities of impact rocks, since bacteria and algae are supposed to thrive on craters' fractured rocks nourished by hydrothermal fluids circulating in the newly formed crater.


We use a simple five -
Porosity for rock types Susceptibility for rock types

Recent publications

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  • Pesonen, L.J. 2011. Petrophysical properties of impact rocks, key to understanding of geo-physical anomalies of meteorite impact structures. FinCOSPAR 2011, The XIII meeting of Finnish space researchers, Kasnäs Archipelago Spa, Kemiö, Finland.
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