Circulation and mixing processes in the Arctic Mediterranean Sea

  • Participating scientists
  • Bert Rudels (project leader)
  • Marika Marnela
  • Meri Korhonen
  • Patrick Eriksson

Project goals

The project aims to examine the characteristics and circulation of water masses in the Arctic Ocean. It also studies the different mixing processes in the Arctic Ocean and how they affect the formation and transformation of water masses. The exchanges of water masses, heat and freshwater between the Arctic Ocean and the Nordic Seas are also examined.

The work is made through field observations, analyses of historical data and by descriptive and theoretical studies.

The project is carried out in cooperation with FMI and has also been a part of and received funding from the EU projects VEINS (Variability of Exchanges In the Northern Seas) (1997-2000), ASOF-N (Arctic-Subarctic Ocean Fluxes) (2003-2006), Damocles (Developing Arctic Modelling and Observing Capabilities for Long-term Environmental Studies) (2005-2010). Funding has also been received from the Academy of Finland (2005-2008).

Apart from the larger EU projects close cooperation has been established between the Departments of Oceanography and of Analytical and Marine Chemistry at Göteborg University and with the Alfred Wegener Institute for Marine and Polar Research in Bremerhaven.

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