Internal structure of dense near-bottom flows in the ocean

  • Participating scientists
  • K. Myrberg, FIMR
  • M. Leppäranta
  • O. Andrejev, FIMR

Project goals

Dense water masses originating in high latitude shelf areas ventilate the abyssal oceans. The dynamical balances that lead to prodominantly along- or downslope spreading are yet not well understood. This study will investigate the role of the internal circulation within dense bottom plumes to shed some additional light on the dynamics of deep boundary currents and the ventilation of deep oceanic layers.


High resolution modelling will be used to identify the role of sloping topography, rotation, stratification and bottom friction in determining the path of near-bottom dense water flows in the ocean.


Sequence of snapshots from a two-dimensional nonhydrostatic model formulated in terrain-following vertical coordinates.

Other information

Funded by the Academy of Finland