Report series in geophysics

Tehostekuvassa fysiikan laitosta etuoven suunnalta

Report Series in Geophysics

The Report Series in Geophysics consists of doctoral dissertations in geophysics and several individual publications.

The complete list of publications of the series can be obtained here

Recent publications:

  • Järvinen, O., 2013. Annual cycle of the active surface layer in western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica.
  • Uusikivi, J., 2013. On optical and physical properties of sea ice in the Baltic Sea.
  • Kitaigorodskii, S.A., 2013. Some necessary comments on the history and foundations of the modern methods in wind wave forecasting.
  • Järvinen, O., 2013. Evolution of snow cover and dynamics of atmosphere deposits in the snow in the Antarctica. Data report.
  • Raiskila, S., 2012. Integrated geophysical study of the Keurusselkä impact structure, Finland.
  • Bucko, M., 2012. Application of magnetic, geochemical and micro-morphological methods in environmental studies of urban pollution generated by road traffic.
  • Airo, M.-L., and Kiuru, R., 2012. (Petrofysiikka).
  • Wang, C., 2011. Antarctic ice shelf melting and its impact on the global sea-ice-ocean system.
  • Elbra, T., 2011. Physical properties of deep drill cores - implications for meteorite impact effects and crustal structures.
  • Vehviläinen, J., 2010. Snow modeling on Tellbreen, Svalbard with Snowpack snow physical model during winter and spring 2009.
  • Mäkelä, M., 2009. On the variability and relations of ice conditions, heat budget and ice structure at the Saroma-ko lagoon, Japan, in and between years 1998-2009.
  • Manninen, M., 2009. Structure of the atmospheric boundary layer in Isfjorden, Svalbard, in early spring 2009.
  • Rasmus, K., 2009. Optical studies of the Antarctic Glacio-oceanic system.
  • Leppäranta, M., 2009. Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Baltic Sea Ice Climate.
  • Kohout, T., 2009. Physical poperties of meteorites and their role in planetology.