Electronic Structure

Laboratory of electronic structure

The main areas of research within the Laboratory of Electronic Structure and Microtomography are hard and soft condensed matter physics, biophysics and applied research including medical imaging. The emphasis of the research is on experimental and computational studies of radiation-matter interaction processes. Besides the conventional laboratory-based x-ray sources significant part of the experimental work is carried out in synchrotron radiation laboratories worldwide, primarily at ESRF in Grenoble.

The experimental facilities of the laboratory consist of x-ray powder diffractometers, small- and wide-angle x-ray scattering setups with multi-wire and image-plate area detectors, a four-circle diffractometer equipped with a helium cryostat, a multipurpose two-crystal spectrometer, a high energy x-ray spectrometer and a scanning focusing spectrometer. In addition to several sealed-tube x-ray sources, a rotating anode source is also available.

Experimental facilities:

Contact persons:
  • prof. Arto Annila
  • tel. +358 442047324
  • email arto.annila[at]helsinki.fi
  • doc. Simo Huotari
  • tel. +358 2941 50638
  • email simo.huotari[at]helsinki.fi
  • doc. Mikko Hakala
  • tel. +358 2941 50625
  • email mikko.o.hakala[at]helsinki.fi