Electronic Structure

Mechanical testing device

The device is especially designed for the mechanical testing of small samples. With current accessories, compression and tension tests (and any combination of these) can be performed. Typical sample width and thickess vary from less than a millimetre to several millimetres, while the length of the samples is normally in the centimetre-range.

The device is a stand-alone system, but can also be used as a sample stage in the rotating anode X-ray system at the Laboratory of electronic structure. This way the macroscopic deformation of materials can be followed concurrently with the characterisation of the nanometre-scale structure, providing new insight into the processes occurring within materials during deformation.

Main technical specifications:

  • Machine type Tinius Olsen H5KT
  • Maximum force 5 kN, currently load cells with 50 N and 2 kN limits available
  • Cross-head speed between 0.001 - 1500 mm/min
  • Distance measurement from cross-head or with external LVDT sensor
  • Pneumatically operated sample grips for tensile/compression tests
  • Compression platens
  • Full computer control, individually programmable testing routines