Electronic Structure

W Ka1 spectrometer

  • Inelastic scattering and energy dispersive diffraction
  • 160 kV x-ray generator (Philips MG163), W-anode x-ray tube
  • Ge(400) monochromator to produce W Ka1 (59.32 keV)
  • Ge solid state detector, Tennelec 244 PUR-amplifier
  • Amptek XR-100T detector (Si-PIN photodiode)
  • Motorized x-z positioning table (Parker/Daedal), 2-circle goniometer (Siemens)
  • PC-based motion control (Oregon Micro Systems PC48-4) and data acquisition systems (Nucleus MCA-card)
  • SPEC software

2-crystal spectrometer

  • Reflectivity curve measurements, 10 nanorad angular resolution
  • Siemens K710H x-ray generator, Mo-anode x-ray tube
  • Goniometers (Huber 410, 408), translation stages (Huber 5101.2, Newport VM25.4PP)
  • Si(333) monochromator, Si(333) analyzer
  • NaI(Tl) scintillation detector
  • PC-based motion control (Oregon Micro Systems PC48-8) and data acquisition systems (Keithley Metrabyte CTM-10)
  • SPEC software

2-crystal spectrometer assembly
2-crystal spectrometer assembly