Research Areas

Properties and tailoring

The current research focus is on materials of importance for nanotechnology, micro- and optoelectronics, spintronics, fusion technology and particle detectors. Their properties are studied by applying various ion beam, X-ray, ultrasonics and interferometry based techniques as well as by computational means. The respective equipment employed for these activities are described in detail under the various laboratory profiles.

Ion beams offer unique opportunities for modifying various characteristics of metals, semiconductors, ceramics, plastics and organics, and of fabricating new materials from them. They are also widely used to study and produce thin films. Our research program includes studies aiming at improving e.g. friction, wear, hardness, corrosion resistance, and optical and electric properties of materials.

Versatile properties of synchrotron radiation make it one of the main tools in the research of material physics. Inelastic x-ray scattering and absorption spectroscopy is used as a tool to characterize the electronic properties of novel materials, the physics of the batteries of mobile phones is one example of applications.

Examples of topics related to material properties and tailoring:

  • Interaction and slowing-down of energetic ions in solids
  • Interaction of defects, host atoms, and implanted atoms
  • Diffusion and solubility of doping atoms
  • Properties of ion-implanted and irradiated materials
  • Magnetic properties in condensed matter
  • Plasma-wall interaction in fusion reactors
  • Development of ion beam based characterization techniques