24 researchers of the Department had leading positions in 51 international scientific organisations and 21 researchers in 40 domestic ones. These are listed in the supplementary part.

The researchers of the Department had 11 positions on the editorial staff of foreign scientific journals and four in domestic scientific journals. Thirty three researchers were referees for, in all, 109 international scientific journals. Three persons had a referee's post in domestic scientific journals, in all five tasks.

Fourteen persons of the staff of the Department were active members on 40 boards, committees and other public bodies outside the University, see the supplementary part.

On a personal level the Department of Physics is visibly along and responsible when evaluating the extent and level of physics research in Finland.

The researchers of the Department have often been invited to give interviews or lectures of public interest. They gave 20 lectures for the "wide public" in happenings around Finland. In 1996 they also gave 19 radio interviews / lectures and appeared in six TV programs.