The Departmental Board

The Departmental Board (appointed for the period 1995-97 but ordered to continue till 31.7.1998 because of the new university act) consists of nine principal members and nine vice members. Three are professors, three belong to the other personnel group and three are students. The complete list of members in 1997 is as follows (vice members in parentheses):

Prof. Juhani Keinonen (chairman), (Prof. Antti Siivola)
Prof. Keijo Kajantie, (Prof. Dan Olof Riska)
Assoc. prof. Seppo Manninen, (Assoc. prof. Kari Eskola)
Prof. Markku Kulmala* (* elected as member of other personnel), (Doc. Keijo Hämäläinen)
Doc. Claus Montonen, (Lic. Phil. Ari Hämäläinen)
Lab. manager Sisko Vikberg, (Ph.D. Jussi Varis)
Student Antti Lauri, (Student Riikka Mäkinen from 4.3.1997)
Student Tommi Raita, (Student Teppo Mäenpää)
Ph.D. Kyösti Väkeväinen, (M. Sc. Timo Sajavaara from 14.2.1997)

Dr. Aino Vahvaselkä functioned as the secretary of the Board.

Other administrative posts

Administrative posts at university and faculty level

Docent, senior assistant Björn Fant was a member of the Consistorium Major in the quota for non-professorial representatives of teaching and research. Docent, senior assistant Heimo Saarikko functioned as the chariman of the Student Advisory System Working Group under the Academic Affairs Committee. The tasks of the Working group are following and developing the academic tutor-student advisor arrangements for students and teachers in the University of Helsinki with active diffusion of information and promotion of discussion within the university community. Prof. Juhani Keinonen and Doc. Eero Rauhala were members of the Helsinki University Kumpula campus stage III building executive committee. Doc. Eero Rauhala was also a member of the Helsinki University Kumpula campus stage III planning committee. He was the coordinator for the Faculty of Science of the contact persons of the departments of Geophysics, Meteorology, Geography and Geology and the Helsinki Institute of Physics, the Physics Information Technology Department and the Dating Laboratory of the Finnish Museum of Natural History, all involved in the Kumpula stage III.

The Department had the following members on the Board of the Faculty of Science:

Prof. Juhani Keinonen (Vice Dean), (Prof. Keijo Kajantie)
Assoc. prof. Timo Paakkari, (Assoc. prof. Kari Eskola)
Dr. Kaarle Hämeri, (Doc. Heimo Saarikko)
A person from the Department of Chemistry, (Mr. Pauli Engström)
Ph.D. Kyösti Väkeväinen, (Student Patrik Kjällman)

In the Faculty of Science the Department had members in the following bodies:

Faculty Planning Board
Prof. J. Keinonen

Faculty Board for Developing Education
Prof. J. Keinonen (chairman)
Assoc. prof. S. Manninen

Faculty Entrance Board
Assoc. prof. S. Manninen
Prof. D.O. Riska

Subject-teacher Student Entrance Board in the Faculty
Prof. K. Kurki-Suonio (Doc., sen. ass. H. Saarikko)

Subject-teacher Student Evaluation Board in Physics
Doc., sen. ass. H. Saarikko
Lic. Phil. R. Kurki-Suonio

Faculty Library Board
Assoc. prof. K. Eskola

In the Department the responsibility of surveying various fields of activity have been divided as follows:

Budget - Prof. M. Kulmala

Job nominations - Assoc. prof. K. Eskola

International affairs - Doc. J. Niskanen

Student affairs - Assoc. prof. S. Manninen

Tutoring - Doc., sen. ass. H. Saarikko

Education planning and development working group
Assoc. prof. S. Manninen
Doc. C. Montonen
Ph.D. K. Väkeväinen*, elected as student representative
ad hoc member, Prof. D.O. Riska

Open university - Doc., sen. ass. H. Saarikko

Kumpula campus stage III planning committee
Doc., sen. ass. E. Rauhala (chairman)
Doc., sen. ass. K. Hämäläinen
Prof. M. Kulmala
Doc. M. Sainio
Assoc. prof. J. Tuominiemi
Ph.D., ass. J. Varis