In the Department education is given in both physics and theoretical physics. The Department of Physics also arranges basic education in physics in Swedish. Further, the education of physics teachers also belongs to the traditional main tasks of the Department. This includes both education for the Master's degree and further education programs for physics teachers and general teachers specializing in physics.

The educational program of the Department is more diverse than that of any other department of physics in Finnish universities. The number of lecture courses given yearly is about 90, 10 of which are given in Swedish and 6-8 in English.

The quota of new students in physical sciences approved by the Consistorium Major in 1997 was 160. There were 549 applicants, 384 of whom were accepted and of these 152 entered. Studies in physical sciences were arranged to accomodate the prescribed number of students, 160, the true total, when those having postponed the beginning of their studies arrived. The selection method has been revised to favour majoring in physics with arrangements for education of those aiming to major in other subjects in the open university and the summer university.

In November 1997 there were 1006 students in physical sciences (physics, theoretical physics, geophysics, meteorology and astronomy).

The number of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits taken in the Department has increased from 11,589 in 1992 (12,214 in 1993) to 17,885 in 1997, which was 11.5% of all those taken in the Faculty of Science. (The study week concept, commonly used in Finland, is 1.5 ECTS credits.)

In 1997 41 students took their M.Sc. degree in the Department. A list of the M.Sc. theses is here. The median age of those finishing their master's degree has decreased from 26.8 years for the 5-year period 1988-92 to 26.3 years for 1993-97.

The proportion of women of those graduating from the Physics Department in the 5-year period 1993-97, with figures for comparison for the whole country in parentheses, were: Ph.D. 21.4 % (16 %), Lic. Phil. 31.7 % and M.Sc. 25.7 % (14%)

Evaluation of teaching

Student critique of lecture courses and other teaching was started in collaboration with the Faculty during the spring term 1995 and has been continued since then. After each course students are given a questionnaire the feedback of which has been analyzed course by course and presented to the departmental board every term.

In order to increase the interest of the personnel in education "the best teacher" chosen by the students has been given a prize since 1994. In 1997 assoc. prof. Christofer Cronström was chosen teacher of the year.