The backbone of all the computing at the Department is the extended Local Area Network of the University. This network connects all desk computers and terminals with centrally supplied resources such as e-mail connections, mainframes, printers and Netware servers.

The Department has approximately 110 PC computers, 10 X-terminals, 20 Macintosh computers and 15 laser printers. In Siltavuorenpenger, two of the PC computers are used as Windows NT servers, 8 are NT workstations, and 11 are running Linux. The Physics Computation Unit (PhCU) has 5 DEC Alpha servers which are used both for interactive work and for heavier calculations. The www site of the Department is located on an Alpha server.

About 25 PC computers, located in four computer rooms in the Department and in the PhCU, are available to the students. One of these rooms is mainly used for computer-related teaching. This includes introductory courses on the use of computers, given by the staff of Department. A few PC computers are used in student laboratories, familiarizing the students with the use of computers for performing measurements.

In the Accelerator Laboratory, major revisions were made to the laboratory computer system. These include the installment of a new 100Base-T network and two optically interconnected Advance Stack Hubs as well as the acquiring of four dual-Pentium Pros. Although some of the machines can be rooted to run DOS/Windows and to connect to the Novel servers at the University, all of them are configured to work as client machines running the freely distributable Linux operating system (currently Red Hat 4.2). Most of the client machines (14 PC's ranging from 80 MHz 486:s to a 200 MHz Pentium) are connected through a 100 Mb/s network connection to the Linux-server (200 MHz dual-Pentium Pros) and also to three separate workstations (200 MHz dual-Pentium Pros) devoted only to numerical simulations and capable of making use of parallel programming.

The staff and students have over 950 accounts on the university Unix mainframes and Netware servers. Each new student will automatically get a computer account when enrolled in the University.