The employment situation of physicists is very good. At the moment the number of physicists working outside universities either in research or development tasks in industry or sector research institutes is about three times that of those working in universities. In addition to this the number of physicists recruited by enterprises is growing clearly. Recently, many physicists have been employed by enterprises in information technology.

According to Statistics Finland, in December 1995 2.2% of the Masters of Science who graduated from the Physics Department in 1985-94 were unemployed but only 1.2% (one person) of the Doctors of Philosophy. The employment ratio is thus very good compared to the unemployment percentage 5.0% for those who graduated from all universities and universities of technology in Finland, 4.8% for all fields in the University of Helsinki, or the 4.8% for the Faculty of Science in the University of Helsinki.

Of those who had taken their M.Sc. or Ph.D. degrees in the Physics Department in the 10-year period 1985-94 (180 people answered the questionnaire) 63% were employed by the state, 13% by counties, 21% by private enterprises and 2% had own business.

There is a lack of teachers of physics in schools. The need for them is growing very rapidly due to older teachers reaching their pension age and because of relative insufficiency of education of new teachers. Those who have been educated as teachers also have possibilities of becoming employed in tertiary technical colleges and in various other areas of the society.