The personnel of the Department is listed in the Appendix. In December 1997 there were 92 posts for employment by budget funds. Due to the budget cuts directed to the Department all posts could not be kept filled during 1997. There were 10 professors (8.8 person-years), 6 associate professors (6.0 person-years) and 14 (12.7 person-years) other senior teaching posts (one lecturer and senior assistants). There were additionally 28 (23.1 person-years) assistant posts for guiding laboratory practicals and problem sessions. The number of principally administrative persons on the staff was 14 (14.0 person-years) and that of technical employees 18 (17.1 person-years); in all 31.1 person-years. In 1997 a total of 81.7 person-years were financed by budget funds and 65.4 person-years by outside funds. The latter included senior and junior researchers of the Academy of Finland, Masters of Science in the GS program, researchers financed via the EU and researchers on other projects financed by both private and state funds. Eight students were chosen to work in a research group as summer trainees on state funds. About 4 person-years were financed by the funds allocated to fee-for-service teachers.