Research Facilities

The main research facility of the Accelerator Laboratory, the 5 MV tandem accelerator EGP-10-II, is actively used for both basic and applied research. Other noteworthy equipment in the Accelerator Laboratory are the 2.5 MV electrostatic accelerator (of the Van de Graaff type), a 60 kV isotope separator, a plasma accelerator, equipment for preparing thin films, laser spectroscopic equipment based on dye lasers, and Raman spectroscopy equipment. According to a National Government decision research based on accelerators is centered in the universities of Helsinki and Jyväskylä.

The main devices in the X-ray Laboratory are a four-circle diffractometer, powder diffractometers, small-angle X-ray scattering equipment and spectrometers. In the Electronics Research Laboratory there are measuring devices for thermal radiation and fibre optic sensors as well as a spectrometer. In the Aerosol and Environmental Laboratory there is apparatus for measuring aerosol particles.