Ph.D. dissertations 2009


Carolina BjörkasInteratomic Potentials for Fusion Reactor Material Simulations. prof. Kai Nordlund.
Aatos HeikkinenGEANT4 Hadronic Cascade Models and CMS Data Analysis - Computational Challenges in the LHC Era. doc. Veikko Karimäki.
Niklas JuslinComputer Simulation of H and He Effects in Fusion Reactor Materials. prof. Kai Nordlund.
Liisa JuusolaObservations of the Solar Wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling. doc. Olaf Amm, PhD. Kirsti Kauristie.
Tommi JärviRadiation Effects in Supported Nanoparticles. prof. Kai Nordlund.
Veera KallunkiA Historical Approach to Children's Physics Education - Modelling of DC-Circuit Phenomena in a Small Group. prof. Heimo Saarikko, prof. Jari Lavonen.
Mika KapanenAccuracy of Absorbed Dose in External Photon Beam Radiotherapy: What Level is Sufficient and How to Approach it?. doc. Mikko Tenhunen, prof. Juhani Keinonen.
Timo KiljunenPatient Doses in CT, Dental Cone Beam CT and Projection Radiography in Finland, with Emphasis on Peadiatric Patients. doc. Sauli Savolainen, PhD. Antti Kosunen.
Pirkko KärnäKokonaisvaltainen fysiikanopetus peruskoulun fysiikan valinnaiskurssilla. prof. Heimo Saarikko, prof. Kaarle Kurki-Suonio, prof. Maija Ahtee.
Kristoffer MeinanderGrowth and Modification of Cluster-Assembled Thin Films. prof. Kai Nordlund.
Taina RuuskanenMeasurements of Volatile Organic Compounds - from Biogenic Emissions to Concentrations in Ambient Air. doc. Janne Rinne.
Larisa SogachevaAerosol Particle Formation: Meteorological and Synoptic Processes behind the Event. prof. Markku Kulmala.
Paula ToroiPatient Exposure Monitoring and Radiation Qualities in Two-Dimensional Digital X-Ray Imaging. doc. Sauli Savolainen, PhD. Antti Kosunen.
Jouni Uusi-SimolaFinnish Dosimetric Practice for Epithermal Neutron Beam Dosimetry in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy. doc. Sauli Savolainen, PhD. Antti Kosunen, doc. Sami Heikkinen.
Jari WaldénMetrology of Gaseous Air Pollutants. prof. Markku Kulmala.
Lauri WendlandIdentification of Hadronically Decaying Tau Leptons in Searches for Heavy MSSM Higgs Bosons with the CMS Detector at the CERN LHC. prof. Heimo Saarikko, prof. Jorma Tuominiemi.

Theoretical Physics

Reijo KeskitaloMeasuring Cosmic Microwave Background - Topics Along the Analysis Pipeline. doc. Hannu Kurki-Suonio.
Jonna KoponenHeavy-Light Mesons on a Lattice. doc. Anthony M. Green.
Teppo MattssonAcceleration of the Cosmological Expansion as an Effect of Inhomogeneities. prof. Kari Enqvist.
Tomi PaananenExotic Superfluid States of Ultra-Cold Fermi Gases. PhD. Jani-Petri Martikainen.
Sami SaxellQuantum Space-Time and Noncommutative Gauge Field Theories. prof. Masud Chaichian, doc. Anca Tureanu.


Tomáš KohoutPhysical Properties of Meteorites and Their Role in Planetology. prof. Lauri J. Pesonen.
Kai RasmusOptical Studies of the Antarctic Glacio-Oceanic System. prof. Matti Leppäranta, PhD. Timo Huttula.
Johanna SalminenPaleomagnetic and Rock Magnetic Study with Emphasis on the Precambrian Intrusions and Impact Structures in Fennoscandia and South Africa. prof. Lauri J. Pesonen.


Leena JärviTurbulent Vertical Fluxes and Air Quality Measured in Urban Air in Helsinki. prof. Timo Vesala.
Roberta PirazziniFactors Controlling the Surface Energy Budget over Snow and Ice. prof. Hannu Savijärvi.
Kirsti SalonenTowards the Use of Radar Winds in Numerical Weather Prediction. prof. Heikki Järvinen.