In the Department of Physics, education is given in physics, theoretical physics, geophysics and meteorology. The basic education in physics is also given in Swedish. In addition, the education of physics teachers is a task of the Department. This includes both education for the Master’s degree, and further education programs for physics teachers and general teachers specializing in physics. The educational program of the Department covers a broad variety of areas of physics, unsurpassed by any other physics department in Finnish universities. The total number of lecture courses given yearly is about 180, 15 of which are given in Swedish, and about 20 in English. The quota of new students in physical sciences, approved by the University Senate, was 150.

The effort in developing the physics teaching and learning in first-year courses has led to many changes in basic education, producing definitely improved results. On the basis of student feedback, it is possible to say that first-year studies in the Department are now more motivating than ever before.

At all levels of education, our greatest strength is that the Department’s top-level researchers are actively engaged in teaching, ensuring that the best expertise and the most up-to-date insights in physics are available to students. The Department will continue to make sure that its best researchers are closely associated with education – at all levels from the first years to advanced studies – for the benefit of future top-level physicists and researchers.

Development of teaching in the Department is self-evidently based on physics research, but in addition, it is also based on research on physics education. Many of the personnel are engaged in research topics related to university-level physics education. The number of personnel taking part in the higher education development programs has continuously increased. The development of teaching and higher education is now well founded on the physics education research conducted at the Department. Consequently, the pedagogical solutions helping to improve teaching are developed from our own starting points, and are specially designed for the purposes of university-level physics teaching and learning.