The Department promotes science and research also by informing and educating the public using mass media, by consulting national and local government bodies and by co-operating with enterprises. In this the Department strives to attain a mutually beneficial partnership and expects this interaction to promote its basic functions, i.e. research and education. By demonstrating what an exciting field of science physics is, the Department wishes to reach potential future students and researchers.

The staff of the Department is often asked to give interviews or contribute to national and international newspapers and magazines, on the radio or in TV programs. They are also invited to give public lectures at various occasions and venues at home and abroad. In addition, members of the personnel serve as experts on committees, on the governing bodies of learned societies and companies, and as consultants. A full list of these extracurricular activities is available in the YHTI database.

For several decades, the Department has arranged a supplementary course for teachers at upper and lower secondary schools and polytechnics. The course runs for one week, and the topic is different each time.

One of the main channels for contacts to schools is the national LUMA centre at the Kumpula campus. The centre promotes teaching in science, mathematics and computer science. Kondensaattori is a resource centre for physics education maintained by the Department within LUMA with the aim to support stimulating and motivating physics education at all levels of primary and secondary schools.

The Department extends invitations to physics teachers and their pupils for a visit. The program of a typical visit consists of information about the research and studies at the Department, combined with an excursion to one of the research laboratories. The Department takes an active interest in spreading knowledge about science to Swedish-speaking schools in Finland.