Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysics

Aerosol Dynamics and Meteorology

The main research activities can be divided to

Eight professors and about 100 scientists (including doctoral students) worked on atmospheric research in 2009. Over 140 peer-reviewed articles were published and 3 students obtained the doctoral degree. Division has co-ordinated and participated in several international projects. Furthermore, the Division hosted more than 10 national and international workshops and conferences in 2009.

The core of the research is the understanding of energy, mass and momentum transfer and phase transitions. Theoretical, modelling and experimental studies of nucleation, condensation/evaporation and atmospheric aerosol dynamics have continued in 2009. Studies of deposition and fluxes of atmospheric gases, cloud microphysics, atmospheric radiation, mesoscale meteorology, and climate and radar meteorology were performed. The division operates together with the Department of Forest Sciences at versatile field stations: SMEAR I (Station for Measuring Forest Ecosystem-Atmosphere Relations) station in Värriö (Lapland), SMEAR II station in Hyytiälä, and SMEAR III (urban SMEAR) in Kumpula Campus. Particularly SMEAR II has turned out to be a leading station in its research field due to its comprehensive research program and to its unique time series of fresh aerosol formation. The co-operation with the Finnish Meteorological Institute is strong. The development and construction of novel weather radar techniques has been performed in collaboration with Vaisala Oyj. The research at the Division is also linked with the instrumental development work with international companies. The most important one has been Aerodyne Research, Inc. in the U.S.A. The co-operation concerns development of high-response greenhouse gas analysers and the aerosol mass spectroscopy technique.

The Finnish Centre of Excellence in "Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Meteorology of Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change" started its operation in 2008. The international Master programme "Atmosphere-Biosphere Studies" has continued its operation together with the national graduate school. The division is in charge of all university level research and education in meteorology in Finland. A project office "Integrated Land Ecosystem – Atmosphere Processes Study" (iLEAPS) has continued its work related to land-atmosphere interactions within the International Geosphere – Biosphere Programme (IGBP). The iLEAPS project aims at advancing new integrated experimental and modelling research approaches needed in the Earth System.