Departmental Board

The Departmental Board consists of fourteen principal members and twelve deputy members. Four are professors, four belong to the teaching and other personnel group, four are students and two persons are elected from outside the University.

Professor Juhani Keinonen continued as the head of the Department, chairing the Departmental board. MSc Anne Mäkinen was the secretary of the Board. In 2009, the members of the Departmental Board were (with deputy members in parentheses):

Prof. Juhani Keinonen (chairman) (Prof. Kai Nordlund)
Prof. Katri Huitu (Prof. Hannu Koskinen)
Prof. Markku Kulmala (vice chairman) (Prof. Timo Vesala)
Prof. Ritva Serimaa (Prof. Matti Leppäranta)

Education and other personnel:
Lab. manager Merja Blomberg (Univ. lecturer Birger Ståhlberg)
Univ. lecturer Ismo T. Koponen (Univ. lecturer Ari Hämäläinen)
Univ. researcher Claus Montonen (Univ. lecturer Kenneth Österberg)
Researcher Janne Rinne (Doctoral student Selen Raiskila)

Student Lisa Haga (Student Lauri Tuomo)
Student Olli-Kalle Kauppinen (Student Elina Jaatinen)
Student Pekka Rantala (Student Risto Kurppa)
Student Katri Leinonen (Student Reko Hynönen)

External members:
Research Director, Professor Yrjö Viisanen, Finnish Meteorological Institute
Senior Adviser, Dr. Tech. Janica Ylikarjula, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK