Like previous years, 2009 also brought many changes in the staff of the Department. Three new chairs were appointed: Katri Huitu in particle physics phenomenology, Hanna Vehkamäki in computational aerosol physics and Sauli Savolainen in medical physics.

Of the 28 chairs in the Department, forty percent are joint appointments with other University departments, faculties or state research institutes. Among the new appointments, the chair in medical physics is a joint professorship with the University Central Hospital.

The Ministry of Education has stipulated the degree of internationalization universities should meet in the coming years. As far as professors go, our Department has already reached the target, as more than 20 percent of them are originally from abroad. If repatriated Finns are also counted in, the percentage is even higher.

For gender equality, the situation is less satisfactory. We have four female professors out of 28, and for other categories of teaching staff the figures are even worse. The Department endeavours to improve the situation by emphasizing the equality aspect in all practices.

In 2009, the activities of research, teaching and administration accounted for a total of 244 person-years. Research scientists, doctoral and graduate school students financed by complementary funding (altogether 135 person-years) form the biggest group of the staff.