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Year 2010 in the Department

New organization of the Department >

When the department of astronomy was merged to the department of physics in the beginning of 2010, the divisional structure of the Department was revised, with the addition of a new division. The main areas of research are arranged for four divisions, namely the divisions of materials physics, elementary particle physics, atmospheric sciences, and geophysics and astronomy.

Search of Higgs particle >

In particle physics research the Department was heavily involved in Higgs searches. The amount of data collected in 2010 was not yet sufficient to reach sensitivity to Higgs particles, but a large fraction of the groundwork needed for the Higgs searches, such as investigation of backgrounds from the data, could be performed.

Quality of teaching >

From the beginning of the year 2010 a working group was formed by professors responsible for the disciplines, student member and a chairman. In each discipline there is a working and planning group steered by the responsible professor. This new structure has enabled very effective teaching development, and it ensures that the planning and development of education is extended over the borders of research areas and disciplines, which then support each other. A major undertaking for the working group for development of education in 2010 was to define a roadmap for the development of teaching and learning for 2010-2011. The central development items identified in the roadmap were teaching in small groups, study skills, and learning plan spanning the whole study time.