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The amount of personnel was clearly higher than in 2010. The changes in the personnel were at the level of the previous year.

In the total financing of 28 million Euros of the Physics Department, the complementary funding is about two thirds.

The number of refereed journal articles in high-level international journals was much higher than in the previous year.

The number of master exams 43 was about the same as in 2010. The number of doctor exams 38 was two times higher tahan in 2010. For the statistics, see http://www.opetus.physics.helsinki.fi/tilastot.html.


Personnel of the Department.


Funding of the Department.


Kuvio 5.Complementary funding of the Department from different sources of funding.


Expenditure of the Department.


Kuvio 6.Exams during the past six years. The record number of MSc degrees (105) is due to the fact that 2008 was the last year that students could get a degree according to the old degree requirements.


Refereed scientific publications of the Department.