Overview by the Head of the Department

The first year in of the University's strategy period of 2013 – 2016 was a very productive year for the department. The physics of the University of Helsinki is the only one in Finland at the high international level, according to the Shanghai, Taiwan, QS and Times Higher Education rankings.

Highlights of the research were the first cosmology results of the Planck satellite, results concerning the nucleation in atmosphere, magnetism in nano crystalline gold, and magnetism of defects in graphene.

The high level of the research is reflected by the complementary funding. It was about 60 per cent of the total budget of 27 million euros. The competed international research funding of more than 3 million euros was higher than that of any other department and research institute in the University of Helsinki.

The development of teaching and study practices continued during 2013. The high level of the research and teaching, feedback from society and the joint professors with our collaboration organisations guaranteed the relevance of our teaching programme for the society.

The outreach centre of the department F2k focused on the latest development in physics research. About 700 gymnasium students and 100 teachers visited the department in 2013.

At the end of 2013 the total personnel was 341 and the annual full time equivalent work effort 304 person years. New professors started in meteorology, geophysics, theoretical physics, and experimental aerosol physics, and a tenure track assistant professor in radar meteorology.

Decision was made to organise the research as three focus areas from the beginning of 2014, namely materials physics, elementary particle physics and astrophysics, and atmospheric sciences. The aim is to have more synergy in research and infrastructure of the department.

Year 2013 ends my period of 18 years as the head of the department. I retired from the professorship at the beginning of 2014. I thank the personnel and students of the department for the collaboration during these years, and hope success to the department and my successor as the department head professor Hannu Koskinen.

Juhani Keinonen

Head of the Department

Farewell lecture of Prof. Juhani Keinonen