Pan European experiment - basic research program covering the cap of the North 


The PEEX initiative (Pan Eurasian Experiment) has continued to gather momentum during 2014 and has taken the first steps towards implementation. The PEEX Science Plan has been finalized and will be released in early 2015.  One of the strategically most important task of PEEX is to filling the observational gap in atmospheric in-situ data in  the Siberian and Far East regions and start the process towards standardized and harmonized data procedures. We have now collected metadata information of the potential atmospheric and ecosystem ground stations situated in Russian and China. After having the station meta database ready we will start to analyze the capacity of the existing observation infrastructure to serve as a basis of the PEEX observation program and identify what type of new infra is needed in the PEEX domain. In 2014 PEEX has been introduced in several scientific forums such as the Arctic Observing Summit (Helsinki, Finland), 4th iLEAPS Science Conference (Nanjing, China) and GEIA Conference (Boulder, US)


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Photo by Geophysical Society