FCOE proceeds multidisciplinarity 

The Centre of Excellence in Atmospheric Science - From Molecular and Biological processes to The Global Climate (CoE ATM) started its six years period year 2014. Our multidisciplinary research team includes 235 scientists working in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and meteorology at the Universities of Helsinki and Eastern Finland (Kuopio), and at the Finnish Meteorological Institute.
Our work is based on a network of field stations producing extensive long-term data on atmospheric properties and ecological mass fluxes in different types of environments and regions, including Arctic, boreal and tropical ecosystems, and on focused experiments and modeling aimed at understanding the observed patterns.
Our previous CoE concentrated on COBACC- feedback loops in the boreal forest environment, but in the current CoE ATM we expand our approach by considering a full set of feedback loops associated with COBACC including all the relevant processes and biogeochemical cycles, and by covering all the major continental regions. Multi-scale modeling with the improved conceptual understanding will be an essential part of our approach. Earth Observation techniques will provide spatially continuous, frequent observational data sets that can be applied to the evaluation and further development of large-scale models.
During the year 2014, we have published over 200 papers in high-level international journals including one paper in Nature and one in Science. The results of the successful year were presented in November in a seminar with 187 participants.