INAR: research environment and field stations for Earth system sciences 

National Institute for Integrated Atmospheric and Earth System Science Research (INAR) is a Finnish research network formed to guide the Finnish atmospheric and Earth system science towards building an internationally leading, integrated multidisciplinary research environment for atmospheric and Earth system science to study biosphere-aerosol-cloud-climate-air quality interactions. INAR carries out high-standard atmospheric, ecosystem and Earth system research, maintains and develops field stations and laboratories needed in this research, organizes research education, and acts as national partner in atmospheric EU projects.
The research infrastructure in INAR is called INAR RI. INAR RI belongs to the Finland's research infrastructure strategy and the recently updated National Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2014-2020. During the year 2014, INAR RI funding has enabled several investments to research instruments enhancing measurements of atmospheric processes and atmosphere-biosphere exchange.

Photo below:
INAR RI produces detailed data on material and energy flows within ecosystems and the atmosphere, and provides access to the unique datasets via tailored database and data portal.


(Photo by Juho Aalto)