A guy from our landed a $100k/yr job in the California sun based on his thesis work.
we did other stuff,  too
Prediction - upcoming lane departures of tired drivers, final quality of SolarSail (space craft), and orthopedic conditions (bone & cartilage) using quantum neural networks.
Actuation - we built technology for nanodrug production, formulation, and delivery as well as for disease detection/intervention. We filed several patents and prepared to launch spin-off companies. We exported a research project to Italy.
Instrumentation - we built custom devices to characterize RNA ejection from viruses, to do sub-nanometer scale traceable and label-free imaging (e.g. forebrain of young zebrafish larvae) as well as to ensure structural integrity and to rapidly measure very low pressures for CLICK (at CERN). With the university hospital we improved clinical ultrasonic devices for cardio-vascular imaging and developed ultrasonic imaging technology for first responders in ambulances.
Laser ultrasonics  - we recorded a GHz movie of a membrane moving 0.2 nm, we non-destructively probed materials, e.g. characterized a concert hall, plasma breakdowns in air, and inclusions in industrial steel and cheese. We did nanoacoustics using a femtosecond-laser.
Human subjects  - we quantified/predicted onset of sleepiness and simulator sickness in truck drivers (34 people, driving 20.000 km in simulators). We investigated methods to make our posturographic sleep tester more sensitive in field tests. We developed software to make 3D images of human cartilage using super computers at CSC.
Summary: we combined ultrasonics, photonics, electronics and advanced signal processing for applications of scientific and industrial relevance.