Our work effort in full-time equivalent person years increased from 304.1 in 2013 to 310.9 in 2014. This was mostly due to an increased number summer trainees and doctoral students employed by the Department. Taking into account part-time contracts the total amount of personnel is always higher, being 341 at the end of 2014, exactly the same number as at the end of 2013.

Of the 341 employees were:



The total expenditure of 28.5 M€ was divided as:



The economy was dominated by external funding (15.1 M€) , which was divided as:


There was a notable increase in the funding from the Academy of Finland from 8.22 M€ in 2013 to 8.86 M€ in 2014 due to success in research infrastructure competition.

The productivity in terms of peer-reviewed publications remained at the same high level of about 600 articles as in 2013.



Year 2014 was excellent in production of PhD degrees, 35 in total, whereas the number of new Masters remained at the relatively modest level of 50.