Pan European experiment program

The PEEX initiative (Pan Eurasian Experiment) program organized its 1st Science Conference on 10-12th February 2015 in Helsinki. The conference gathered ca 150 participants from Europe, Russia and China. One of the Conference highlights was the plenary talk given by Director General Pavel Kabat (IIASA). In his talk Kabat addressed PEEX as a key collaborator of IIASA in the Arctic research frameworks.


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Photo 3. Director Pavel Kabat, IIASA (left) invited Prof. Kulmala (middle) as a Distinguished Visiting Fellow of IIASA in the PEEX Conference in Helsinki

In 2015 PEEX has continued the first steps towards implementation. PEEX special issue was opened in Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics and the first PEEX papers determining the mission goals and concepts were published. The special issue serves as platform colleting the scientific results on the Arctic-boreal environments and air quality research related especially relevant to China to be overviewed in the becoming PEEX assessments. The strategically important task of PEEX is to filling the observational gap in atmospheric in-situ data in the Northern Eurasian region regions. In 2015 PEEX has made preparatory work and deepened the collaboration with the Russian station networks so that the metadata approach is ready to be launched and would be easy to connect to the international research infrastructure frameworks. As a part of this task we have also published the "PEEX view tool", which enables the comparison between the in situ data and the modelled data.

In 2015 PEEX was introduced in several conferences or executive forums such as Valdai Club in Russia or "Beautiful China - Steps Towards 21st Century" symposium in China. Furthermore, PEEX Special Sessions were organized in The International Geographical Union (IGU) Conference – Moscow in August and European Aerosols Conference (EAC) - Milan in September.