Activities in China

Prof. Markku Kulmala has been awarded foreign Academician title by the CASAD, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Official ceremony will be held on June 2016 in Beijing. CASAD acts as an advisory body for the Government of the People's Republic of China on scientific and technological issues.

"Beautiful China - Steps Towards 21st Century China", Tekes funded Cleantech project, ended on October 2015. Prof. Kulmala's team compiled a report "Roadmap to Beautiful Beijing and vision for Beautiful China" for necessary actions to help China to clean their air. This was introduced at the Int. Symposium on Earth Observation for Maritime Silk Road (EMSR) in Sanya, China, on November. Our clean air solution package has also been published on October in Nature, "China's choking cocktail", and in The Paper that is a Shanghai based newspaper and in China Daily, Chinese international newspaper. Prof. Kulmala's activities has also been presented three times in Helsingin sanomat. Prof. Kulmala was also introduced in CCTV document "Breath Finland" (芬兰的呼吸), which was broadcast on November in China.

Dr. Kujansuu presented our air pollution solution package on Nordic Design and Innovation Week 2015 where was China - Finland Seminar on Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation in Cleantech, Environment and Urban Design. He was an invited speaker.

Another major activity involves JirLATEST, a new joint-laboratory between Nanjing University and University of Helsinki. JirLATEST is funded by Ministry of Education for the period of 2016.1-2018.12. This is one of the 21 joint-laboratories in whole China and focus on SORPES-SMEAR collaboration to understand and solve prevailing air pollution problem. Three of our researchers and professors have taken part of long-term exchange visits during the year 2015 with Nanjing University and Nanjing University has sent two of their personnel to UHEL for long-term visits.

Other collaboration activities involves Fudan University, Shanghai, to understand their pollution situation. Personnel exchange is active. Also close collaboration is going on with multiple Chinese Academy of Sciences institutes, China Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES).

Supporting International Programs

Photo 4. Main research themes and group leaders of a Joint International Research Laboratory of Atmospheric and Earth System Sciences Nanjing University and University of Helsinki.