ATM Newsletter

The ATM Newsletter began as an idea to provide a friendly, informal platform in which the various research groups of the ATM Division could communicate their work, introduce their research via short texts, and were we could all familiarize one another by putting a face (photograph) to the name giving a seminar, defending a PhD thesis, or joining as a visiting researcher. It is an e-newletter sent out now to over 450 email addresses belonging to the ATM Division and Finnish CoE lists, reaching over 10 countries. Since the first issue in November 2014, it has had 23 issues, sent out every 2 weeks except during winter and summer holidays.

The newsletter begins with a headline listing important deadlines (Photo X). It includes recommended scientific reading, information on upcoming courses for grad students, and welcomes new students and researchers by photograph and research topic. One of the main features, is the featured article on every issue: we have included from interviews about ongoing research projects, reports on campaigns (eg. Amazon, Greenland, Nepal, CERN, a letter directly from Antarctica), report from a COP21 attendee, international project news (SMEAR Estonia, SMEAR Nanjing [SORPES], PEEX), and summaries of important external talks. A link to every past issue is accessible at the end of each newsletter, and it is open to everyone to contribute content.