Electronics research laboratory

Highlights: ultrasonic drug delivery, two spinout companies (pharma, medtech).
We continued to create customized instrumentation for sensing and actuation by using sound and light. The instruments are for academic and commercial use. We handle the entire value chain: from physical phenomenon to hardware, firmware, and software implementation.

Our projects 2015 extended from quantitative 3D microscopy on the nanometer scale, through drug particle production, drug delivery, and eye measurements, to cleaning of industrial pipes and prediction of upcoming lane departures in commercial driving simulators. The last project is an evolution from our continuing efforts to develop a quantitative ‘alcometer’ for sleepiness testing.

We also generated value to food production (cheese and rapsoil), to medical image quantification, osteoarthritis therapy, cancer diagnostics, diabetes management, virus life cycle studies, and medical Doppler calibration as well as to the next accelerator in CERN (the CLIC).

All work was carried out together with academic groups and commercial companies.

We put much time on commercialization of our innovations and span out companies and secured patents.



Nanoform Finland Oy, was incorporated. We nanonized pharma drug molecules and produced particles as small as 10 nm (Fig. 1). Production scale up is in progress with a paying customer.


Fig. 1. (top) Nanoform setup, (bottom) 10 nm piroxicam particles


NanoRuler -transfer standard for quantitative biomicroscopy

This Tekes project develops a transfer standard for quantitative label –free bio imaging (Fig. 2). The approach has potential to allow people to record 3D images with normal light microscopes.


Fig. 2. Transfer standard for label –free bio imaging. Step height ~ 4 nm.