Atmospheric sciences

We have produced during the year high amount of top-level research, developed new measuring and analysing instruments and methods, taken an active role in developing and lobbying global network of atmosphere-ecosystem stations, taken the first steps towards implementing the Pan-Eurasian EXperiment science plan, deepened and widened co-operation activities in China, educated large number of doctors and masters in atmospheric sciences, provided education to teachers and high-school students, and developed external and internal communication and information flow.

We also celebrated the 20 years anniversary of SMEAR II station in Hyytiälä late summer 2015. Hyytiälä is an important field station for the research done at the Atmospheric Sciences (ATM) Division, and thus celebrating the station brought together all coworkers from different disciplines and research organizations, and a large number of stakeholders from Academy of Finland, Ministries, collaborating institutions and University administration.

SMEAR II station

Photo 1. SMEAR II has been continuously measuring energy and fluxes between Boreal forest ecosystem and the atmosphere for 20 years. We celebrated the anniversary at SMEAR II in Hyytiälä August 2015. [Photos by Juho Aalto]

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