Our work effort in full-time equivalent person years decreased from 310.9 2014 to 306.2 in 2015. At the end of 2015 the total number of personnel was 310 which was 31 persons less than at the end of 2014, illustrating the limited recruitments during the ongoing change programme of the university.

Of the 310 employees were:

Both the increase of foreign employees and the decrease of female employees took mainly place within the teaching and research personnel.




The total expenditure of 27.6 M€ was divided as:



The economy was dominated by external funding of 16.1 M€, including all overheads. The Academy of Finland remains the main external funding source and the share of EU is increasing.



Academic productivity

The productivity in terms of peer-reviewed publications remained at a high level. The decrease from years 2012 – 2014 was mostly due to the particularly high number of publications from the highly successful collaborations within LHC (CERN) and Planck&Herschel (ESA) during those years.



The numbers of PhD degrees (37) and Master’s Degrees (64) were higher than in the past.